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Corfu Airport Transfers – Analipsi Transfer by Corfu Taxi, Shuttle, Bus or Corfu Private Transfer

For your Corfu Transfer to Analipsi you can use our services as: Corfu Taxis, Corfu Bus, Corfu Shuttle or Corfu Private Transfer

Corfu Airport Transfers- Analipsi Transfer-Shuttle, Bus, TaxisTransfer to Analipsi usually takes 30-45minutes. There is 16.8km to destination.

All our vehicles are brand new, comfortable and acclimatized. Our drivers are professionals with many years of experience in Corfu Transfers.

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Posts on Analipsi

Analipsi is a small leafy suburb of Corfu Town on the top of a steep hill which happens to be the highest point of the so called Kanoni peninsula. Archeologists say that on the top of that hill stood the citadelle of the ancient Corfu. Ancient corfiots evacuated the place in the first centuries after Christ in search of a better fortified place in which they could seek protection from the pirates. So after that move, the place remained vacant for many centuries. It was inhabited again a couple of centuries ago when the Analipsi(Resurrection of Christ) church was built and people begun to inhabit the place again.