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Corfu Airport Transfers – Agios Ioannis Parelion Transfer by Corfu Taxi, Shuttle, Bus or Corfu Private Transfer

For your Corfu Transfer to Agios Ioannis Parelion you can use our services as: Corfu Taxis, Corfu Bus, Corfu Shuttle or Corfu Private Transfer

Corfu Airport Transfers- Agios Parelion Transfer-Shuttle, Bus, TaxisTransfer to Parelion usually takes 20-25 minutes. There is 10km to destination.

All our vehicles are brand new, comfortable and acclimatized. Our drivers are professionals with many years of experience in Corfu Transfers.

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The Municipality of Pareli is located in the centre west of Corfu, close to the town, the airport and the port. Nature has blessed the region, giving it enchanting beaches, luxuriant vegetation limitless virgin landscape. History has bestowed beautiful traditional villages, Byzantine and Venetian monuments, churches, mansions and stone-built houses. The local folk have preserved their traditional festivals and fiestas, and their old-style coffee bars and tavernas. They offer Corfiot cuisine, home-produced wine and Greek hospitality with love and a smile. Modern-day enterprises have enriched the region. with top-quality hotel units, prestigious restaurants and sensational clubs and beach bars. a water park, golf course and sports centre with horse riding, diving and water sports at Aqualand.