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Corfu Airport Transfer Taxi Minibus -corfutownviewCorfu is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It is the second largest of the Ionian Islands. The principal town (pop. 28,185) of the island is also named Corfu, or Kérkyra in Greek, as is its municipality (pop. 39,487).  The island is linked by two motorways, GR-24 in the northwest (Greek National Road 24, Cen, NW, Corfu – Palaiokastritsa) and GR-25 in the south (Greek National Road 25, Cen., S, SE, Corfu – Lefkimi).

Corfu has ferry services both by traditional ferries to Gaios in the island of Paxoi and as far as Patras and both traditional ferries and advanced retractable airfoil, hydrodynamic-flow, high-speed ferries called Flying Dolphins to Igoumenitsa and Sarandë in neighbouring Albania. The small port of Lefkimmi is also to be found at the southernmost tip of the island on Cape Kavos, offering a ferry service to the mainland.

Corfu Airport Transfer Taxi Minibus -new fortress in corfuThe Municipality of Corfu is the largest Municipality on the island with about 40,000 inhabitants. It is the administrative, financial and commercial center of the island. In its boundaries are located the main facilities and services like the port, airport, shopping centers, museums, churches (orthodox and catholic), etc, including the great attraction of the "Old Town". It is located between two fortresses, this been the reason that the City of Corfu is the only city in Greece that has been characterized as "KASTROPOLIS". The 'Old City' recalls past ages; the European influences are visible everywhere and harmoniously coexist, giving to the city a special color.

Corfu Airport Transfer Taxi Minibus -town hall.jpgThe City Hall is located at the Michael Theotoki Sq. It is a 17th century building, one of the most characteristic examples of Venetian architecture. Its construction began in 1663 and finished 1693. The unknown architect chose local stone from Sinies and gave a splendid renaissance style to the building.

The building was made to house the Lodge of the Nobles (Loggia dei Nobili) and later was used as club for the naval officers. But in 1717 was converted in a theatre with a capacity of about 350 and was named San Giacomo, from the Catholic Cathedral that existed nearby. The Corfiot Theater was one of the firsts in Europe that operas were performed.

In 1903 the theater was moved in a new building (Municipal Theater) made for that purpose and the site was renovated to house the City Hall.

Today the building houses the Mayor's office and also that of the vise-Mayors, the Precedent of the City Council and the financial department.

The rest of the municipal departments are located in several other buildings around the city.

corfu airport transfer taxi minibus -achilles thniskon in corfuPalaces, fortresses, museums, libraries, galleries, churches, interesting public buildings and privet mansions, public, privet and archaeological sites, sites of natural and special interest, traditional houses, verdurous olive groves, picturesque ports and blue beaches make an unexpected puzzle on the area of the Municipality of Corfu, that leaves speechless even the most demanding visitor.


Corfu Climate

Corfu Airport Transfer Taxi Minibus -pontikonisiThe almost heavenly look of the Corfiot nature is due to the mild climate and the high percentage of humidity for the Greek standards (frequent rains from November until March).
The Summer heat is moderated by the humidity (highest temperature in July 33oC). The summer afternoons a north-western wind, "maistros" blows, which rarely exceeds the 4 beafort power scale
The Winters are unexpectedly mild and remind the southern places (mean lower temperature in Junary 10oC). During the winter-time southern winds prevail and their intensity is higher than 8 beafort power scale.


Corfu Public Services

Police: 100
Municipal Police: 26610 27778
Tourist Police: 26610 39503
Traffic Police: 26610 39294
Fire Dept: 199
Telephone Company: 26610 34699
Post-Office: 26610 25544
Ε.Ο.Τ.: 26610 37638
Custom Office: 26610 39602

Ambulance: 166

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